Progress & Largess


June 8-9 – Black Axe – both
June 14-16 – Legends – Her Majesty
June 10-16 -Lillie’s War – His Majesty
June 21-23 – Known World Costumes and Fiber Arts Symposium – both

July 4-6 – Arabian Nights – both
July 19-21 – RUM – both

August 2-11 – Pennsic – both
August 16-18 – Daggers and Hemlock – both

September 30-1 – Dragon*con – both (lol)
September 6-8 – Tourney of the Foxes – both
September 13-15 – Crossroads – both
September 27-29 – MGT – both

October 4-6 – Red Tower – both
October 11-13 – Fall Coronation. – both




The assistance of the Kingdom’s artisans in creating items to be used as largesse and gifts is especially appreciated, particularly:

  • Award regalia (contact the Kingdom Bagatelle for a list of the greatest needs)
  • Herbs, spices, and other items suitable for gifting to feast stewards and kitchen staff – please label all ingredients (for allergy reasons)
  • Trim and fabric, especially wool, linen, and silk.
  • Children’s toys, games,  Small rubber ducks  (Any kid-friendly items)
  • Gender-neutral jewelry and accessories (such as bags, coins, pouches, woven cords, etc.)
  • Items for rapier, heavy, and live weapons fighters
  • Equestrian-related items

For personal gift ideas, please see the Preferences & Interests page. The Chancellor and/or Largesse + Gifts Coordinator may be consulted in this regard. Contact Lady Angharat merch Morcant for more information on largesse needs.

When practical, please bag items individually and enclose labels in the bag or use adhesive labels – tied-on labels often get torn off in transport and/or storage of largesse. Thank you for your time and generosity.