Lady Raina,, for more information on largesse needs.

When practical, please bag items individually and enclose labels in the bag or use adhesive labels – tied-on labels often get torn off in transport and/or storage of largesse. Thank you for your time and generosity.”

Requested Items:

Glass beads(black,white,gold)
Small scrolls of appreciation
Needle cases
Stamped armbands and bracelets(silver/brass)
Leather Meridian themed belt tokens
Feast condiment kits

Ideas for Newcomers

Woven trim in Viking, Anglo-Saxon patterns(black, white, gold) 2 or 3 yards
Winter Viking or Anglo-Saxon hats or hoods in sizes for adults and children

Children’s Basket

Handmade Dolls (dragons and other animals highly encouraged)
Nothing edible – No candy, please!