For those of you who are getting to know us the first time here is a little background on us.

Our journey began 32 years ago in the East Kingdom. Wulfstan’s squire brother, now Sir Mitchell MacBain, OP, introduced his baby squire brother to a lovely woman from the Shire (now Barony) of Bergental so he could fight in Crown. That event began a romance of the field that blossomed into a lifelong love. During our time in the East Kingdom, we both received recognitions into the high orders of merit for the arts. Wulfstan received the accolade of Knighthood; Thorkatla also received a high order of merit for service followed by the accolades of both the Pelican and the Laurel. Most importantly, we grew our family and love with three children.

In 2005, our life’s journey led us to Meridies. For our first four years here, we focused on raising our children. At the urging of our children, we became active in the SCA again in our new kingdom where we discovered the beauty and majesty of Meridies and her populace. In this second life, we made many dear friends, saw associates recognized for their passions, and developed a deep and abiding love for Meridies. Our love for Meridies expanded six years ago when we were humbled to serve as Crown. The grace and nobility that is at the heart of Meridies touched us deeply.

Over the last six years, we experienced the heights of joy and crushing heartache. Our children graduated college and are leading diverse and creative lives. Thorkatla recovered from a broken back and Wulfstan recovered from both a heart attack and knee surgery. In the midst of the pandemic, we virtually watched one of our daughter’s wedding. Through it all, we know that we are blessed even as we all weathered the pandemic and its challenges together with you.