Progress + Gifts




  • July 21-23 – Arabian Nights (both)
  • July 28-August 13 – Pennsic War (Bryce)
  • August 11-13 – Daggers & Hemlock (Rhiannon)
  • August 25-27 – Tourney of the Foxes (both)
  • September 1-4 – Fighters Collegium (both)
  • September 15-17 – Panhandle Skirmishes (both)
  • September 29-October 1 – Meridian Grand Tournament (both)
  • October 13-15 – Coronation (both)



TRM have a Viking/Norse-themed reign.

For personal gift ideas, please see the About page. The Chancellor and/or Largesse + Gifts Coordinator may also be of assistance in this respect.

TRM Bryce and Rhiannon are deeply grateful to those who generously provide Them with gifts and largesse. They ask that any gifts/largesse be labeled with the gifter’s name and contact information (email address is fine) so that TRM may send a message of thanks.

The assistance of the Kingdom’s artisans in creating items to be used as largesse and gifts is especially appreciated, particularly:

  • Award regalia (contact the Kingdom Bagatelle for a list of the greatest needs)
  • Herbs, spices, and other items suitable for gifting to feast stewards and kitchen staff – please label all ingredients (for allergy reasons)
  • Trim and fabric, especially wool and linen
  • Children’s toys, games, etc. (Any kid-friendly items)
  • Gender-neutral jewelry and accessories (such as bags, coins, pouches, woven cords, etc.).
  • Norse-inspired items: lampwork beads, wire-woven jewelry, cast pendants, brooches, armbands, etc.
  • Items for rapier, heavy, and live weapons fighters
  • Equestrian-related items

When practical, please bag items individually and enclose labels in the bag or use adhesive labels – tied-on labels often get torn off in transport and/or storage of largesse. Thank you for your time and generosity.