Progress & Largesse


  • Magna Faire – Both
  • 12th Night, Bryn Madoc – His Majesty
  • Wing Ding Bling Fling – Her Majesty
  • Menhir – Both
  • Birka Market, East Kingdom – Her Majesty
  • Meridian War College – His Majesty
  • Knights Gambit – Both
  • Mid-Winter A&S – Both
  • Turf Wars – His Majesty
  • Estrella War – Both
  • Gulf Wars – Both
  • Festival of Vices & Virtues – His Majesty
  • Spring Coronation – Both



The assistance of the Kingdom’s artisans in creating items to be used as largesse and gifts is especially appreciated, particularly:

  • Award regalia (contact the Kingdom Bagatelle for a list of the greatest needs)
  • Herbs, spices, and other items suitable for gifting to feast stewards and kitchen staff – please label all ingredients (for allergy reasons)
  • Trim and fabric, especially wool and linen
  • Children’s toys, games, etc. (Any kid-friendly items)
  • Gender-neutral jewelry and accessories (such as bags, coins, pouches, woven cords, etc.)
  • Items for rapier, heavy, and live weapons fighters
  • Equestrian-related items

For personal gift ideas, please see the Preferences & Interests page. The Chancellor and/or Largesse + Gifts Coordinator may be consulted in this regard.

When practical, please bag items individually and enclose labels in the bag or use adhesive labels – tied-on labels often get torn off in transport and/or storage of largesse. Thank you for your time and generosity.