Greetings Meridies,

This morning, We, Our Heirs TRH Timothy and Ysmay, and the Kingdom Seneschal Mistress Annora, made the decision to cancel Spring Coronation and to postpone Fools War based on the recommendations of the CDC and State Health Departments. We also consulted with the Kingdom Great Officers who are in agreement that this best course of action for at least the next few weeks.

The Royal Family & the Kingdom Great Officers will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions regarding upcoming events and the transition of the Crown. For now, We encourage local groups hosting events in April to consider canceling/postponing these events until the concern over the spread of COVID-19 has greatly lessened.

Master Edward has already made his recommendations to local groups to use good judgment about holding fighter practice. We believe this to be the best policy for all group activities.

Ever in Service to Meridies,
HRM Boru & HRM Fianna
HRH Timothy & HRH Ysmay
Mistress Annora Draper, Kingdom Seneschal
Maistreas Cairistonia bhan, Kingdom Exchequer
Master Edward of Yarborough, Kingdom Earl Marshal
Maestra Fiora Valori, Beacon Herald