Panhandle Skirmishes – 11-13 January, 2019

Panhandle skirmishes was an absolute blast! The weather was incredible, the food, friends, and shenanigans were second to none.

The Barony of Oldenfeld, as always, has inspired, and the hospitality and good cheer was unending. Their Excellencies inspire their people and oversaw the event with great candor. I strongly encourage more Meridians to mark their calendars for the event next year. The fighting scenarios were every bit as matched by the beautiful weather. Fun was had by all. Thank you, Duke Kurn, for running some interesting and well thought out battles.

Her Highness Catherine, of course, was a gracious example of courtesy, and is so clearly loved by her populace. It was wonderful getting to know the Heir Trimaris. Until next we meet my Trimaris friends! Looking forward to it.

I can’t say enough about this event. I hope the Meridian attendance doubles next year! So much fun and a great precursor to Gulf Wars. Now for some rest. Corona Vult! Vivat Trimaris!