Menhir – 19 January 2019

What an incredible weekend. Menhir was a fabulous event that went off on so many levels without a hitch! I owe so much to the event staff, my entourage, torch, parchment, and many more. It truly takes a village, and BOY was there a village at Menhir. Court was full to the brim and so many deserving individuals wiped tears from their faces upon receipt of due recognition. It is truly the greatest and most humbling honor to recognize individuals for their many great works and contributions to our Kingdom. Meridies is so fortunate to have so many people so willing to travel and appreciate each other. A family of the greatest kind.

Much in store in the coming weeks, and Her Majesty and I look forward to spending quality time once again with all of you. Words can’t describe our excitement to see all of you when next we meet.

Time to rest and prepare for the events ahead.

-Adhemar, August