Knight’s Gambit – 2 February 2019

A weekend spent at Dalwhinnie Fields is never time spent unwisely. Knight’s Gambit was immersive, busy, and delightful. Thank you so much to all who made it possible. Thorngil always impresses with their level of organization and steadfast work. Feast was exceptional, and the ambiance Lex, Duck, and many others have created with their dreams to share with us all is simply humbling.

Congratulations to Legio uv Orkney for his beautiful victory over many to earn the day. Kudos as well to John Crispen for having a great showing as well – Sir Gunnar is so proud of you, as are your King and Queen. We are proud of all of our Meridian warriors for their honor and prowess on the field.

To those who attended Jour D’amour our hearts were with you, of course, and we know an excellent time was had by all. That is one of my favorite events and I was sad to have to choose. I hear reports the event was equally as delightful and very familial, something Meridies is famous for.

Thank you to His Highness Camric of Gleann Abhann for attending and making merry any moment you were part of.

There are so many thanks needed and I wish I was still breathing the crisp air of Dalwhinnie and sharing merriment around the camp fires.

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar
Augustus – Augusta