Tourney of the Foxes – 22 September 2018

Foxes was a wonderful event! Super big thank you to Vulpine Reach for throwing an excellent event, and a memorable feast. Truly it was an inspiring and delicious feast.

Her Highness and I started our day spending time on the archery range, where we are blessed with great friends and teachers in honing our ranged capability. Shooting from horseback, a themed team scenario that challenged each of us, all great fun.

His Highness spent the afternoon humbled by the Rapier community, fighting with Bryn Madoc’s team with much fun and success! The day was an endless stream of fun, neither of us could get enough of our chosen activities. Thank you so much for indulging us. The evening revelry was, as always, endearing and so because of our populace. It’s great to see new faces to the SCA and familiar faces lit by camp fires.

Meridies is an amazing Kingdom and we thank you for your love and support!

Adhemar & Gwen