Magna Faire + Collegium Vulcani – 7-9 December, 2018

Greetings to you all! We would like to extend a warm thank you from our hearth as We reflect on the magic of Magna Faire + Collegium Vulcani! Thank you so much to the Barony of Iron Mountain and THL Sebastian for putting on an amazing event. People braved inclement weather to travel, fight, feast, and fancy the works of many fine artisans of our realm. All of the entries were truly breath taking and We are excited about the opportunity to select champions to represent Meridies abroad in the coming months. If you’re reading this missive but did not attend Magna Faire + Collegium Vulcani, We would encourage you to seek out photos of the entries. All of them inspire! A special thanks to Our Meridian Court Entertainers, Mistress Juliana, Baroness Catja, Master Aylwin, and Lord Rorik who shared their talents for all to enjoy! Truly, Our Kingdom has much to offer!

This event also heralds in the Holiday season, a time We all pause a moment to be thankful for what we have and remember to give back to others. The generosity of Our populace was evident, as the Toys for Tots drive filled bags of toys to overflowing and brought broad smiles to face of the local Toys for Tots representative who attended court. HRM Gwenhwyfar also wishes to thank all those who rowed on the Viking longship; you know who you are! The feast was a delight and the ambiance in the hall was one to remember. We thank Mistress Elizabeth Rae and allĀ of the Feast Staff for making sure we had a delicious meal, and Her Grace Duchess Katrina for overseeing such a magnificent faire!

Till next we meet, Meridies!

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar