Gatalop – 27 October 2018

Gatalop is always an amazing event. Congratulations to the Barony of Osprey for celebrating 35 years of Gatalop, 40 years as a shire, and 25 years as a Barony. Their Excellencies Osprey are blessed royally with such magnanimous and thoughtful people. The hospitality we experienced was second to none, and the tears of hope and joy were widespread.

Court tugged at the heart strings. Our best to Wulfgar and Bronough as they endure their trials. We witnessed a sincere effort of love and charity to a noble cause. Cancer seems all too near to all of us. May medicine and friendship light your path in the days to come. It was our honor to recognize the people of Osprey for their diligence and dedication to their people.

We were impressed with the number and quality of entrants for the Gatalop Arts and Sciences Faires, especially the open entry Anthanor Faire. After only a year of being in the SCA, Shauna A. Charlton entered a wire weaving she had made, and won! It was heartwarming to see. Her Majesty even had a chance to take a class on making Roman Concrete with Lady Korinna! Best of all were the late night games, marriage proposals (True story. Ask Sir Baras about his new daughter-in-law!) and late night stories and revelry.

His Majesty is still recovering from fighting non-stop between the heavy and rapier fields, quite literally all day, with a short break for lunch. The scenarios, as always, were unique to Gatalop and left many fond memories of exchanging blows with friends.

As Crown list approaches we are mindful of the future. We look forward to seeing all of you and finding suitable heirs on the field of combat.

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar