Fall Crown List – 10 November 2018

Crown List is paired with Coronation as the events that, more than any other, embody the Dream. Hope in the Crown, Honor on the list field, and the camaraderie that we cherish all unfold at these hallowed events.

In what must have been the coldest Crown List in our years in Meridies, we saw warm hearts, smiling faces, and togetherness.

Crown List is a place of honor, humility, faith, and prowess.

Honor, to your populace, your opponents, and to yourself in that your actions on the field and as a witness are deemed noble and good.

Humility, that expressly at this tournament you fight not for yourself, but for your Kingdom, to do well for the populace and set the example you wish them to see.

Faith, not just in the maintenance of your equipment, but in your consort, the populace, and in yourself that you may fight or represent well on the list field so that you may renew and carry Faith in the Kingdom should you prove victorious.

Prowess, not just of your weapon and shield, but of your heart. It is the fighter who uses his prowess to inspire others, the consort whose prowess is inspiring their combatant with grace and courtesy. The populace and friends who witness, escort, and officiate the tournament to determine who next will wear the Crowns.

Thanks to so many, for such a wonderful event. Thanks to Excelsior for always being part of the large contingency of constant camps that set up, revel, feed, and drink all who share the fires of hospitality. Your warmth and people always inspires us. We thank the Shire of Sol Haven, who organized a beautiful event when limited sites were available and made work a new location and maintained an ambiance Her Majesty and I enjoyed so much! Lady Theresia and the Shire of Sol Haven, you ran an effective event with everything we asked for.  We also thank Annabelle (Emma), daughter of Master William, who inspired us. Though Annabelle is only 15, she ran an excellent feast that fed many and kept us all very satisfied.

The SCA is a dream and a joy for all of us. It’s an amazing blend of so many people; medieval history buffs, some Dungeons and Dragons fans, social misfits, Tolkien and comic-book fans, and people who otherwise found commonality in wearing funny clothes on the weekends and making friends. The dream began with a young girl in a California town who threw a party in her own back yard. There was feasting, revelry, and fun. This foundation of the SCA: a young girls notion. Time passed on, we gave rank, awards, recognition, and we most certainly grew older. May we never forget a young girls dream. In Annabelle, we are reminded of the start of something truly magical. Her Majesty and I believe it is people like this and many other like her who are an amazing example of Meridies. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing a reminder of what we all hold dear. Your dedication, maturity, and love of others, inspires us so!

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar