Coronation – 13 October 2018

Support, love, humility, kindness, and friendship. These are only a fraction of the qualities we saw in so many people at Coronation. Her Majesty and I can’t thank you enough, nor be more humbled at the outpouring of support from our most cherished populace. Our dreams came true Saturday, as they do with each passing event. Coronation is often the busiest and most challenging day for a crown, and without our endless support of entourage and kingdom officers, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Most beautiful of days, a beautiful event site, and a great ambiance made for the best day my Queen could have asked for. Thank you to all those who made archery possible, it is truly Gwenhwyfar’s cherished past-time. The style of her Yeoman’s tournament was fun and unique and I truly hope all comers enjoyed it.

Coronation is also where the Scribal Challenge takes place. Dozens of scrolls were submitted for the event and we’re blown away at the talent and artistry of our Kingdom. We are honored to be able to pass these works on to deserving individuals as King and Queen.

Thank you so much for the numerous gifts we received as well. It took two people nearly two hours to document and record the gifts we got and from whom they came. We feel so incredibly loved!

Thanks to Depedale for putting on a spectacular event! So many people to thank!

Meridies is a blessed Kingdom for it’s incredible and loving populace.

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar