Combatants for Fall Crown List

Revised list of Crown List Entrants:

Duke Seth of Gullinari for Countess Gwendolen
Her Excellency of South Downs, Adela for Master Thomas Paumer
Sir Conal MacDale for Mistress Wuennemon die Naehrin
Sir Geoffrey MacDhomhuill for Maestra Isabella de Boyce
Sir Cona MacPherson for Lady Shannon Sirconaswife
Sir Alexander Brighthelmston for Baroness Cordell of Phoenix Glade
Sir Iastreb for THL Mariana Cristina Tirado
Sir Hrothgar of Mercia for Maestra Genevieve la Barquarresse
Sir Emhin MacTir for Lady Cara MacTir
Master Thomas Paumer for Her Excellency South of South Downs, Adela
Sir Conrad for THL Racaire
Baron William Scrivener for Baroness Amelia
THL Richard na teanga Mhin for THL Heather
THL Kynwric of Gwent for Mistress Jocosa d’Auxerre
THL Jacques de la Fontaine for Lady Ysabel D’Ange
THL Sebastianos Ionndies of Ean Airgead for Lady Morgan Filia Starre
Lord Issac Rous for Countess Ashildr Ulfsdottir
Lord Pietro Di Vatavia for Lady Veronica Veneir
Lady Ysabel D’Ange for THL Jacques de la Fontaine
Lord Owen of Depedale for Lady Davia
Lord Rorik Mac Lugdach for Lady Sara