Castle Wars – 15-18 November 2018

Greetings unto our populace! This past weekend we had the best time, and we hope this missive finds you well, tired, and sore in the best way from all the fun you had over the weekend!

If you’re any of those things, we know you had as much fun as we did at Castle Wars. There were 700+ in attendance, nearly 80 children, and more newcomers than we could count. Many thanks to the Barony of South Downs, and Juliane de Vivonne, as we are beyond lucky to live in such an endearing Kingdom where so many brave the weather to experience our variety of magic in Meridies. Many thanks to all those involved with our Ministry of Children (the children got the chance to have “mini-court” as they role-played as all the important offices!) The heavy fighting woods battle was great, and the flash of rapiers was inspirational. (High five! You know who you are.) Getting a front row seat reminds us often how the artisans, merchants, pirates, fighters, mothers, daughters, and sons are so essential to our Kingdom.

We often take time in the middle of an event to just stop and appreciate all of the hours put into making the Dream a reality. Just tallying a guess of time dedicated that people put into their clothing, others clothing, armor, weapons, tents, food, drink, and the countless other bits and pieces that make an event. It’s truly powerful to consider all the hopes and dreams that go into making it all come alive. We wish to thank Bram Sleggia Halfdannarson and all who served the delicious courses that made our visiting Cousins, HRM Anna Leigh and HRH Juliana of Æthelmearc sigh in wonder and appreciation of our southern hospitality. We thank the Kingdom of Æthelmearc for the grace and beauty they brought to our White and Red Rose Ball, which added to our joy! The musicians were dedicated, as we had a great amount of dancers who stepped it up late into the night, making cheerful attempts to follow the patient instructions of Mistress Serafina Alamanni. Gwenhwyfar has never seen so many dancers, nor heard that laughter as our dance circle grew so large we ran out of space and took over the entire hall while doing the Maltese.

Community, camaraderie, fellowship, warm fires, food and drink are what keep us all coming back. We are so delighted to have this rare and express opportunity to recognize people for all of the hours, blood, sweat, and tears they’ve poured into Meridies.

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen asleep standing up, and then slept for 12 hours upon arriving home. Castle Wars is an event that went by so much faster than We wanted it to, but will always remember for years to come.

Thank you so much,

Adhemar & Gwenhwyfar