Summer Missive from TRM

Greetings unto the Populace of the fairest Realm in the Known World from Their Royal Majesties Bryce and Rhiannon:

And the hope that you and yours are all having an enjoyable summer.   As we all prepare for the anticipated arrival of Fall – or as we all know it, Summer Part II – the temperature is not the only thing that continues to heat up.

We hope that all joining His Majesty Bryce and Their Royal Highnesses Timothy and Ysmay for the sojourn north to Pennsic have  a safe trip and a wonderful time.  If this will be your first Pennsic, check with friends who have been, or take advantage of the many resources available on-line for tips to make your journey an enjoyable as possible.  Pennsic is another one of those long events that offers something for everyone and you can experience just about every aspect of the Society there.  We have every confidence that, yet again, Meridies will be well represented at this grandfather of all SCA wars.  Have fun – but remember, it is often just as hot in Pennsylvania as it is in Meridies, so be prepared.

As we all move into September there are many events to tempt those with the urge to travel.  For its last incarnation as a stand-alone event, Fighter’s Collegium will be hosted at Dalwhinnie Fields (future Fighter’s Collegia will be held in conjunction with Royal University of Meridies).  We encourage all that can to join Us for a weekend of martial pursuits and fellowship.  There will be classes on many aspects of the arts of war and all things fighting-related.  While the class schedule is far from complete, We anticipate a wonderful line-up of classes from a variety of excellent instructors.  There should be something for everyone and We look forward to sharing the weekend with many of you.

Fighting seems to be the emphasis in the month of September, as shortly after Fighter’s Collegium is Panhandle Skirmishes, our annual opportunity to share the field of war with some of our favorite enemies: our friends to the south in Trimaris.  We are looking forward to the journey and trust that Meridies will field our usual fierce contingent of stellar warriors.  Our history with Trimaris is a long and storied one, and We have every confidence that Panhandle will afford us all the opportunity to renew old friendships and rivalries and create many new ones.  The companionship and camaradrie between Meridies and Trimaris is second to none, and we encourage those who can make the journey to join your brothers and sisters in arms and add to the glory that is Meridies on the march.

Having had ample opportunity to practice the arts of war earlier in the month, we will celebrate the art of the tournament at Meridian Grand Tournament (MGT) at the end of September.  MGT is what many of us consider the premier tournament event in the Kingdom.  The event is dedicated to tournament fighting in all its glory and affords those competing not only the opportunity to display their prowess on the field, but also to participate in what is possibly the most beautiful example of heraldic display ever seen surrounding an eric. There are tourneys of every type to tempt those of a martial bent, and for those fighting junkies among us, it is an opportunity to witness incredible feats of arms in a setting designed to showcase heraldic display.  Add to it all the efforts of the many orders of Meridies sponsoring the various tourneys providing refreshments throughout the course of the day…seriously, what more could one ask for?  Another addition this year will be a feast to assure that we all have the sustenance needed to pursue the revelries well into the evening.  We know it will be yet another memorable MGT. 

Indeed, the coming several months afford us all many opportunities to join with our friends/chosen family to celebrate that which is best and brightest within the Society.  We hope to see many of you in Our travels.  We treasure every opportunity We have to spend time with friends, old and yet unmet.

Alas, we have all been reminded of late how very precious our time is.  This past year, while filled with so very many treasured memories, has also been a time of a great deal of loss for many of us, both in Meridies and in neighboring realms.  While it has been very difficult for many of us, We are reminded that through our participation in the Society we have all been blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some truly outstanding people – many who have touched our lives in ways we could not have imagined.  While they may no longer walk amongst us, they live on in our memories and in the ways they touched so many.  While we mourn their loss, we take solace in their impact on our lives.  While they live in our hearts and memories, they are never far away.  For many of us, the Society is what brought them into our lives, and without them we would be poorer indeed.  Treasure them and their memories and remember to never take our friendships for granted.  We are all truly blessed to have found what is – for many of us – family of the heart.  Take the time to tell people how much they mean to you as you never know how long they will walk beside us.  Let us all join together to celebrate their lives and share our memories.   The history of our Kingdom is her people and their contributions; it falls to us to share this with those newly come to our Society.

Again, We look forward to seeing as many of you as We can in Our travels in the coming months.  We encourage everyone to reach out to the newer members of our kingdom as they become familiar with the SCA.  For many, it is a strange new world and the gracious assistance of those who have been a part of it for a long time makes it easier and more enjoyable for those only just discovering all that it has to offer.

In Service,

TRM Bryce & Rhiannon