KWHSS – Thank you from HRM Rhiannon

Greetings Meridies from Her Royal Majesty Rhiannon and the hope that this missive finds you all well.

Just a note to express my thanks to everyone who worked so very hard to make Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium such a wonderful event. The event staff worked diligently with Mistress Flannait to assure that all those in attendance were treated to a wonderful event.

There were classes to tempt many, and lovely displays of a variety of heraldic and scribal arts. There was shopping for those so inclined, many of the merchants featuring items to tempt those of a scribal bent, as well as other things to delight those in attendance.

I heard nothing but very positive comments on the variety of classes available, the slate was incredibly full! Meridies was pleased to host members of the Society from the far-flung points of the Known World and as We knew would be the case, Meridian Hospitality shone yet again.

The event staff did everything they could to anticipate the needs of those in attendance. The hosting group, along with assistance from the good folk of Thor’s Mountain, and others besides, are to be commended for a job well done. Thank you all for once again displaying that which is best and brightest about Our faire Realm.

There are far too many people to thank individually, but I would be very remiss were I not to acknowledge a few folks. Darren Wu and the event staff, Maistra Rosemounde and her capable crew for a lovely luncheon for Myself, Her Royal Majesty Gwenevere of Artemisia and the landed baronage in attendance.

Special thanks to Master Geoffrey and Mistress Isabella for so graciously offering Me their personal room for Court prep, your kindness and consideration are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks as well to Duke Thomas and Sir Wolfgang for their kind assistance during Court. His Grace was a most capable stand in protecting My back with the Sword of State, and Sir Wolfgang was valiant in dealing with a pack of enthusiastic younglings as our distributor of largesse for the children in attendance.

Again, thank you to those in attendance for your efforts in showing our many out of kingdom guests the hospitality that Meridies in known for. Congratulations to those whose many contributions to our faire kingdom His Majesty and I were able to recognize in Court, as faithfully reported earlier by TH Lord Mathias, who so capably conducted Court with Master Alexander Ravenscroft.

HRM Rhiannon