Lilies War message from HRM Bryce

Unto all the gentles of The Known World that I met at Lilies War,

His Majesty Bryce sends greetings and gratitude!

I won’t mince words, I had an awesome time! The camaraderie and welcoming was ever-present in my whole time in Calontir. Their Majesties Ashir and Ashland were fantastic hosts as well as Their Heirs Damien and Issabel. But the hospitality did not stop there, I have to thank all of Gottfrisia with Master Gottfried, Mistress Bridgit, and Baroness Izza for the best plot of land on The Point and for all the amenities including fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

To all of the Meridians who traveled so far and helped this Lilies first-timer get to court on time, crew the Fyrdraca 3 times, and keep me laughing the whole time, you have my eternal thanks! Graf Ulrich, Duke Thomas, Baroness Aela, Baron Gwydion, Baroness Elizabeth, Baroness Leyli, Baron Bryan (Mad Dog), Mistress Adrianna, Lady Gwenhwyfar, Lord Gunnolf, Lord Camulocarous, Lady Appolonia and all the folks who’s name escapes me because I have boat brain.

Lilies has a lot for everyone and getting to know fellow travelers like TRM’s Outlands Lief and Ansteys was a true treat. I highly recommend everyone who has not been, to put Lilies on your bucket list. Just about the most laid-back war you will ever find.

I’ll be back! Probably in my bog shorts, learning to sail, or swimming in the lake.

In Service,
HRM Bryce