Black Axe – Thank you from HRM Rhiannon

Thank you to all the wonderful folks that made my visit to Black Axe, hosted by the Barony of Iron Mountain at Dalwhinnie Fields so memorable. While the weather threatened to dampen spirits and postpone the festivities, I was greeting by smiling faces and positive attitudes, on the part of both the hosting group and it’s members and all those in attendance. I’ve always said we make our own fun, and it was very evident that those in attendance were determined to do just that – no matter what the weather tried to throw our way.

The event was well attended, despite the dire forecast provided by those prognosticators that think they have a handle on the weather. And though there was some rain, and lightening which forced us to halt the activities on the fighting field for a short time, a grand time was had by all in attendance.

As always Iron Mountain provided a warm welcome for all their guests and there were a variety of activities to tempt those attending. Their Royal Highnesses and I had the pleasure of viewing both the chivalric and rapier fighting from the wonderful vantage point of the improved gallery. The site folks have done even more work to make the site grander and their efforts are very evident in the gallery or viewing stands, which provide a center area for royalty, dignitaries and special guests, but also seating, also covered for a large number of other members of the populace. This gallery, along with the many colorful pavilions surrounding the list area made for a lovely place from which to view the fighting. Both chivalric and rapier communities were well represented, with plenty of fighting for everyone, both combatants and spectators.

I would like to express Our thanks to Mistress Magdelena and her very capable staff for providing such a lovely repast for Us at lunch. Special thanks for acquiescing to Our request to bring our lunch to the gallery so that We might continue to watch the tournament. This kindness was greatly appreciated, as it allowed Us to watch the entire tournament through to its completion. Congratulations to those victorious in the various tourneys. It was a pleasure to watch it all.

At court that evening it was a pleasure to be able to recognize the efforts of some of the members of Our populace for their contributions to the Kingdom. There were also a good number of children in attendance and they got to chase down Lord Drogo for ‘loot’. We also welcomed and recognized a couple of folks new to the SCA, or attending their first Royal Court. We trust that they had as enjoyable an event as We did.

Alas, I am, sadly, unable to report first-hand on what was doubtless, in Iron Mountain fashion, a fine feast. I found, much to my disappointment and dismay, that the somewhat ‘warm’ temperatures that we all experienced had taken more of a toll on me than I had thought. With much regret, I had to leave site following court and retreat to the comforts of the modern world. I know that the festivities were overseen by Their Royal Highnesses Timothy and Ysmay, who doubtless led the revelry into the wee hours.

While I regret my need to leave early, I am certain that the revel was enjoyed by all those in attendance. Thank you again to Their Excellencies Bjorn and Genevieve and the good folk of Iron Mountain for another memorable Black Axe.

HRM Rhiannon