Kingdom A&S/Crown Tournament

Greetings unto the greatest populace in the Known World from Their Royal Majesties Bryce and Rhiannon with the hopes that however you spent this past holiday weekend, it was pleasant.

What an amazing weekend for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance at Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire and Spring Crown List! It was a truly awesome weekend, despite the attempts of the weather to dampen it.

We all owe a huge debt to the amazing event staff and all the members of the Shire of Rising Stone, as well as everyone else who pitched in to make the event such a smashing success! Events of this size and complexity require the efforts of untold numbers of folks willing to pitch in and contribute their efforts to the task at hand. The hosting group did an incredible job, but we know that they had the assistance not only of friends of the shire and staff, but also many others attending that are all too well aware that events of this magnitude take a lot of effort. Thank you to each and every person who pitched in to assist, be it working in the kitchen, assisting with setting up and tearing things down, or just helping friends new and old set up, pack up – whatever it was you did to help. It is greatly appreciated.

We owe special thanks to all those who made Our visit so special, from the lovely basket of goodies from the Shire of Rising Stone, to the coffee pot provided for Our room, your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated. For those who worked so hard to assure that travelers fare, breakfasts and feasts were served, as well as those who worked to provide the fundraiser lunches – Well Done! At feasts the populace helped us show the appreciation of all present with rousing applause. And to those who pitched in after meals to assist with clean-up – thank you as well.

Mistress Adrianna, the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences has posted specifics about the faire. It was extraordinary! Though mayhap not as large in the number of entrants as some faires in the past have been, it was very obvious that the quality was superb, as there was not one, but two perfect scores recorded! Quite the feat! The entries were amazing! Congratulations to all those who entered and thanks to those who judged that the entrants might have the feedback they need to further their endeavors. The amazing talent of the artisans of Meridies never ceases to boggle the mind!

And we can’t possibly forget the efforts of those who worked so hard to assure that the Red Rose Ball Saturday night was such a splendid affair! The participation by not only the combatants and consorts in attendance, but also many Ladies of the Rose and their escorts was most excellent! Thank you seems totally inadequate to express our appreciation for the effort that went into the food and pageantry that has come to be so much a part of our Rose Balls. While Our commitments did not allow Us to linger as long as We wished to, We heard nothing but high praise indeed from those who danced the ball away.

And what an amazing Spring Crown List! Though all feared the forecast weather might necessitate some frantic shuffling, we were all truly blessed when it blew through earlier than predicted. Though this somewhat shortened (and greatly dampened) the revelry Saturday night, and somewhat delayed the start on Sunday, fortune smiled upon the day for the most part and we managed to get through the list without the horrific weather that had been forecast to take place Sunday morning. Though the list field might have been a bit soggier than was hoped for, the day was indeed mild for the most part. Those combatants and consorts taking part in the list and the pageantry that they brought to the procession and the field is all that we have come to expect in Meridian Crown Tournies.

We would like to thank all those combatants and consorts, not only for the pageantry displayed in the procession, but also for their conduct and comportment on the field. Meridies is truly blessed to have so many worthy individuals vying for the honour of becoming Heirs to the Crown. We commend your honour, courtesy and chivalry. Indeed, no matter the outcome, We and Meridies would be blessed with truly awesome heirs. It gladdens Our hearts that there were so many people in attendance to bear witness to Spring Crown Tournament. The fighting was superb, doutbless due to the inspiration the consorts on the field provided their respective champions. Thank you all!

However, there can, as they say, be only one. We are overjoyed to welcome Their Royal Highnesses Timothy and Ysmay to the Royal Family. We may now rest assured in the knowledge that should there come a time when the augeries indicate We have reason for concern, that the Kingdom that We love and treasure above all will be in the most capable and loving of hands. We know that the populace shares Our relief in the knowledge that the succession is secure. We have every faith that Our populace will embrace Their Royal Highnesses and show them the overwhelming love and support that We have received. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that should the need arise They stand ready to serve Meridies to the very best of Their ability, as Their love of this kingdom is so very obvious, as is Their desire to serve.

We have already seen numerous posts from various folks citing a variety of aspects of the event. And we thank all those who have taken the time to report on the many activities that were included in an incredibly hectic weekend. Likewise We appreciate all who have so graciously shared their photographs with Us all. These lovely images help capture the history of this great realm.

We were privileged to have the opportunity to recognize the efforts of many of Our worthy subjects this weekend past. Not only have Our heralds duly reported and recorded these awards, but there have also been many posting via the various media outlets. To all We once again offer Our sincere and heartfelt congratulations and Our thanks for all that you do to enrich Our realm. We also had the opportunity to announce in Court the pending elevations of a number or worthy individuals. We know that details will be published as they become available.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those many individuals who gifted Us over the course of the weekend, whether as part of the pageantry that was the procession and introduction of the combatants and consorts, or privately. Your thoughtfulness and generosity never cease to amaze and humble Us. We are truly the most fortunate of Crowns.

Pray forgive Us if there are any We failed to thank, either privately or in this missive. Our kingdom and her people give so very much to Us, that it is hard to cite it all. But please know, you have our heartfelt appreciation.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Our travels in the coming months.

Pray know We remain,

Humbly in Service to Meridies,

TRM Bryce and Rhiannon