Border Raids – Thank you from HRM Bryce

Unto The Best Populace in the Known World,
King Bryce sends greetings!

Border Raids was a fantastic event! While the turnout was a little light, we had about 50-60 fighters to take the field and re-enact some glorious battles of the Crusades. At first, the Crusaders had the upper hand but by the end, the Saracen forces had cut-off the Crusaders’ water supply and sent them back to Europe to regroup. Very historical!

There were many other activities such as rapier, cut and thrust, arts and sciences, classes, live weapons, and equestrian. Everyone seemed to have a blast on this sunny and slightly hot day. There was the Royal Huntsman tourney, that I was lucky enough to watch a bit of, and the victor at the end of the day was Mykael Halfdan. I feel much more secure knowing that he can spot any Jotunn that might be approaching Her Majesty and I.

We were blessed by a contingent from the Middle, sent by His Majesty William, to add to our glory on the field. Also, many an equestrian from the Middle attended, as they honed their mounted prowess in many daytime activities. It was very nice meeting and sharing a mug of an age-appropriate beverage with our neighbors to the North.

I personally would like to thank the Shire of Easaraigh and The Barony of Glaedenfeld for their fantastic hospitality to myself and especially to all the newcomers at their first event. There were about 20-25 new folks there at various times of the day! I gave out 15 newcomer bracteates at court, so our future as a growing society is looking up.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Artsy/Crown next weekend!

HRM Bryce

Court Report:
THL Mykael Halfdan – Royal Huntsman
THL Eoin MacCana – Argent Shield
Ld Caelen mac Oduinn – Broken Bow
Ld John Mailer – Grant of Arms
Baroness Xanthi Yfantes – Meridian Cross
Sir Griffin O’Suaird – Broken Bow

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