Dreamstone – Thank you from TRM

Greeting this fine spring day from TRM Bryce & Rhiannon, and the hope that all are enjoying this lovely season in faire Meridies.


We write to thank the good people of the Barony of Bryn Madoc for a wonderful day at Dreamstone this past weekend.  While the weather was wonderfully cool for this time of the late spring/early summer summer, the welcome We received could not have been warmer.  Their Excellencies of Bryn Madoc and their populace could not have been more welcoming.


We were treated to a day filled with wonderful fighting, both chivalric and rapier.  We were also treated to many folks dropping by the royal pavilion to say hello and visit for a few moments between bouts on the field.  One of the high points of the early afternoon was when one of the younger members of Our populace, a lovely young lady sitting in a nearby pavilion approached and asked to share a song she had written.  It makes for a truly lovely memory of the day and she graciously provided Us with a  copy, which His Majesty posted earlier.


The first chivalric tournament We watched was a hard fought tourney, with many great fights and the fighters appeared to have a really good time.  We certainly enjoyed watching some various interesting pairing via the luck of the draw and the way the fights fell.  In the end, His Grace Kenneth proved victorious.


The lunch break between tourneys found Us treat to a splendid luncheon repast amid wonderful company.  Lady Natalya Od Soko and her excellent staff.  Our culinary journey to Greece treated Us to a very lovely luncheon indeed, enriched by the company in which We found ourselves.


From the Rapier Champion Bearpit Tourney We were able to choose Our respective Rapier Champions.  Nikoslav Mikolaevich is the new Queen’s Rapier Champion, having best the most opponents in the tournament.  His Majesty chose Bardo Alfieri from the remaining field of fighters as the King’s Rapier Champion.  His was the harder decision, as there were many worthy fighters upon the field, and any of the competitors would have served Us well and faithfully.


We all whiled away the remainder of the afternoon on the list field watching some wonderful fighting and visiting with friends old and yet met.  What a lovely way to spend a beautiful day.


Court that evening gave Us and Their Excellencies Bryn Madoc the opportunity to reward the efforts of many members of the populace, the receive fealty from some of Our subjects who had yet to have the opportunity to do so, the greet several newcomers to their first event and/or first royal court and treat the children present with some treasures to entertain themselves with.  All in all it was a lovely court.  You can find those awards We were able to present listed at the end of this missive.


Following Court all in attendance were treated to a culinary journey we won’t soon forget.  The feast was plentiful, diverse and a true treat for all those partaking.  Our congratulations to Lord Dubhgan macDubh and his excellent staff for a feast many will long remember.  The approval of the populace was very evident in the reception that he and his staff received following the presentation of the dessert remove.


Alas, as is the case with all good things, they come to an end.  We regret that We were unable to stay for the revelry that followed the feast clean-up, led by His Excellency Orlando accompanied by his ‘bard in a box’.  We have every faith that the revelry and camaraderie were as pleasant and well received as had been every other facet of the event.


Again, Our fulsome thanks to the good people of Bryn Madoc for a truly enjoyable Dreamstone.


TRM Bryce & Rhiannon


Court Report:


Padraig Will – Award of Arms

Natalya Od Soko – Grant of Arms

Aelia Rogata – Guiding Hand

Orlando Cavalcanti – Argent Rapier

Dubhagen macDubh – Scarlett Star

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