Oldenfeld Anniversary and Investiture

Greetings all!  And the hope that this Society New Year and May Day find you all well and prosperous.  We journeyed to the south and east this weekend past to attend the Baronial Anniversary/Investiture Event in Oldenfeld in the Kingdom of Trimaris (also known as the ‘land of big fun’!  We had a wonderful time visiting with Our Royal Cousins Daniel and Ennelynne of Trimaris and were most royally hosted by the good people of the Barony.


Trimaris pulled out all the stops and no effort was spared that Our visit, along with those members of Our entourage in attendance might get a preview of summer.  Welcome to the jungle might well have been the theme of the event, given the climate and the presence of the largest mosquitos ever to grace an SCA site.  Of course We jest, they have no more control over the weather and woodland critters than do we here in Meridies.  Suffice it to say however, We’ve seen what ‘summer’ can translate to and We shall hopefully be better prepared next time.


The event was wonderful, all jesting aside.  The welcome could not have been warmer nor the people more pleasant and considerate.  We arrived late in the evening to a lovely climate controlled cabin and several baskets of goodies to tempt us.  His Majesty arrived early enough to visit with our hosts, Her Majesty did not.


Saturday morning dawned sunny and bright and the schedule was packed with many events to tempt the guests in attendance.  Following breakfast was the final Court of Their Excellencies Miklos and Marie concluding with the Investiture of Their successors, Baron Charles and Baroness Aurelia.  TRMs  Danial and Ennelynne witnessed the change of vice regal representative, praising the long, faithful service of the outgoing coronet and welcoming the incoming ones.   As is often the case here, there was entertaining schtick involved to amuse the populace in attendance.  


The rest of the day was filled with tournaments and competitions to determine a variety of baronial champions, as is traditionally done at Oldenfeld’s Anniversary event.  There were tournaments for chivalric, rapier, live weapons and archery, as well as a competition for the arts & sciences champion and the Baronial bardic competition.   There was much honourable combat, feats of arms and skill displayed by those contesting for the places of honour in the Baronial courts.  While We regret that We can not name all the champions We are proud to note that the new Baronial Rapier Champion in Oldenfeld is none other than Marco Di Guihanni of the Shire of Arenal.  After securing express permission to enter the tournament Marco distinguished himself and proved victorious and will serve the next year as Baronial Rapier Champion of Oldenfeld.


During the course of the day We were treated to a lovely fundraiser lunch and had the opportunity to meet a number of lovely members of the populace of Trimaris, in addition to getting to spend some time with Our good cousins TRMs Danial and Ennelynne.


That evening We were treated to a sumptuous feast presented by Mistress Mairi Ceilidh and her exceptional kitchen staff.  We were fed until we were all waving the white flag of surrender and the applause and praise for the efforts of the event feast staff echoed loudly across the site.


The memory of Our journey to the Land of Big Fun will be yet another lovely memory from Our time on the throne.  We encourage all who ever have the chance to attend an event in Oldenfeld to take advantage of it.  We assure you, you will have a wonderful time.


Thank you yet again to all those who made Our visit to Trimaris such a pleasant and memorable trip.


TRM Bryce and Rhiannon

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