Hit List – Thank you from HRM Rhiannon

Greetings this fine summer morn to the good people of Terra Terminus and indeed, all those who were fortunate enough to attend Hit List this weekend past, from HRM Rhiannon
And the hope that this missive finds you all well.  I would like to express My sincere appreciation to everyone who attended this lovely event.  It was a wonderful weekend, with folks journeying from many parts of the Realm to sample the hospitality so generously offered up by Terra Terminus.  And while the event might have been small, there was certainly no lack of activities to entertain and delight those of us fortunate enough to attend.
No effort was spared by the good folk of Terra Terminus to insure that a good time was had by all, and I know that there were many friends of Terra Terminus lending a hand to aid them in their efforts.  To each and every one we owe thank and I dare not attempt to name them individually for fear of inadvertently missing a name or three.  From the smiling faces that greeted us at troll to the kind gentles assisting us as we loaded the last bits into our vehicles the event was indeed a pleasure.
And the food!  Oh my goodness, the food was amazing!  Lady Sitahna and her tireless staff seemed never to leave the kitchen in their efforts to assure that all were well and royally fed.  We were treated to a lovely assortment of wonderful travelers fare Friday evening, a plentiful breakfast bar on Saturday morning, to assure that all would have the sustenance needed to sample the many activities offered during the day and a sumptuous Spanish feast under the stars Saturday night.  Indeed, the only thing that seemed to be lacking in the event schedule was a much-needed siesta following lunch!  Ladies, you outdid yourselves and many were the members of the populace waving a white napkin after each and every meal.  While the populace enjoyed a lovely fundraiser luncheon provided by Lady Jessica of Osprey, to which the many newcomers in attendance (if memory serves there were 10!) were ‘treated’, the royalty luncheon hosted so graciously for Myself, Their Excellencies Lugh and Christine, Baron and Baroness of Osprey and our guests rivaled many a sumptuous board I’ve had the pleasure to partake of.
The day was filled with all manner of activities to tempt those attending,  Boredom was not an option.  There was a lovely arts and sciences faire, for both youth and adults, which encouraged the populace in attendance to vote for their favorite entries.  Classes were offered and there were tournaments, both chivalric and rapier to test the mettle of the fighters.  Additionally, Master Michael Moulton hosted an archery competition which challenged those wishing to participate.
I would like to especially thank Lady Jessica of Osprey and those individuals who assisted her in assuring that the newcomers pavilion was manned all day to assist those new to our Society.  Duchess Katrina also hosted a number of newcomers under her pavilion on the field and all the newcomers I had the opportunity to meet and speak with seemed to be having a truly wonderful time and were fulsome in their praise of everyone for making them feel so very welcome.  Smiles and laughter seemed to indeed be the order of the day for our newcomers!  Thank you everyone, for making them feel so welcome!
Court afforded His Majesty and I the opportunity to recognize the efforts of a number of worthy members of Our populace thanks to the recommendations of the populace, to gift the children in attendance and to identify and welcome the newcomers that the populace in attendance might be aware of who they were so that they could aid in making them welcome.  Those who excelled and proved victorious in the many activities during the day were recognized as well.
Following the wonderful feast in the evening, the weather continued to cooperate, despite warnings that it might turn nasty and there was fellowship under the stars and around the fire, with stories, drumming, singing and dancing.  Duchess Katrina offered to organize dance in the troll hall for those wishing to participate and it was lovely to see so many gathered around the fire, greeting old friends and making new ones.  It was truly a delightful event.  Pray forgive Me if I failed to thank everyone by name who extended a helping hand.  There was assistance offered at every turn, always graciously, generously and with a smile.  Not only to me, but to all in attendance.  Thank you again to Terra Terminus for hosting such a lovely event, and to all who lended their efforts to assure that it was so successful.
HRM Rhiannon

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