Coronation Thank Yous, part 2

Greetings fair Meridies,


And the hope that this missive finds you and yours well and prosperous and enjoying the lovely spring weather.


We write, regretfully belatedly, to express Our gratitude for the many kind gifts We received on the occasion of Our Coronation.  To all who were gracious enough to bestow gifts We would like to thank you.  We were honoured and humbled by your generosity.  Not all of the generous gifts came in the form of boxes, baskets or the like.  Amongst the greatest gifts were the smiles, well wishes and congratulations so freely given by so very many of you.  As well as your attendance at the event to both celebrate the Reign of  Their Excellencies Barthelemy and Oda and Our ascension to the Throne of Meridies.  It is impossible to thank you all in this missive, and We are sad to say, there is no possible way We could recall each name, had We even known them!  Suffice it to say that We were touched by each and every one of you who took the time to reach out to Us, in so many different ways.   We treasure you all and continue to be humbled by your kindness and support.


However, at the Presentation Court following the opening of the White Rose Ball, Our wonderful entourage were gracious enough to make sure that We were reminded of the many presentations made to Us, as by that point in the evening We were both a bit overwhelmed by the day.


Thank you unto Their Excellencies and the good people of the Barony of Iron Mountain for the lovely gift of items with which to delight the children of Meridies and the lovely assortment  of items for Our personal use.


Thank you to Their Excellencies Griffin and Stephanie, and that precious imp Annabelle who presented gifts to Us on behalf of the good folk of the Barony of Glaedenfeld.  We will make good use of those personal items We were gifted with as well as the fighter support goodies.


Unto the good folk of Arenal Our thanks for the stunningly beautiful personalized wooden casket emblazoned with Our devices and filled to overflowing with such a wide variety of goodies.  Pray know We will be happy to make good use of said largesse.


Unto the Herbal Guild, We are very grateful for the bounty of wonderfully handcrafted soaps, vinegars and assorted spice blends you so generously gifted Us with.


To Mistress Genevieve’s gracious White Rose Ball staff. As if your efforts with the White Rose Ball were not enough, We are most appreciative of the lovely, hand-wrought early period boxes and their contents.


To Sir Simon and Mistress Katherine and their wonderful household go Our thanks for the lovely personally embossed tokens that We requested.  Your artistry, craftsmanship and the generosity of your time and effort in producing them for Us is valued above coin.


To the lovely lady who produced them, and the Shire of Glynn Rhe, Her Majesty gives thanks for the wonderfully wrought stained glass Red Rose, and for the lovely White Rose gifted to Her Excellency Oda.  What wonderful and fitting reminders of what was for both of us a most memorable day.


To Lord Michael of Exeter, the Ambassadorfrom the Midrealm, who traveled a great distance in service to TRHs William and Isolde, Our thanks for not only the gift presentation, but also for your friendship.  We are always happy to welcome you to faire Meridies.


Additionally, there were gifts left very quietly for Us in Our cabin and We would thank Baroness Flannait for the beautiful stand of beads that are now so very much a part of Her Majesty’s treasured Norse bling.


We would also thank Their Excellencies Lugh and Christine who stealthily delivered to Us, on behalf of  the Barony of the Osprey, the lovely basket of liquid refreshment.  Indeed, they know Us well.


Please accept Our regret for the delay in posting Our thanks.  They are no less sincere for the wait.


TRM Bryce and Rhiannon

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