Fools War – Thank you from TRM

What an amazing Fool’s War!  We are only sorry that We weren’t able to arrive until Friday afternoon!  We, and indeed everyone attending owe a huge thank you to the Shire of Tir Briste and the many people who put so much work into making this the best Fool’s War yet!


There were so many opportunities for everyone in attendance to find something to get involved with!  Almost too many options – and that is a wonderful thing!  If there is an activity that anyone was interested in, there was something on the schedule to delight.  From martial pursuits to the gentler arts, there was indeed something for everyone.  While We can’t speak for activities of Thursday or during the day before We arrived on Friday, We heard nothing but praise for how well things were going.  And from the smiling faces We encountered, We have no doubts to the validity of that sentiment.  Everyone in attendance was most certainly hosted royally.  And much fun was had by all.


We have so many wonderful memories of the event but a couple of things stand out specifically.  Friday Night Fights was totally awesome and greatly enjoyed by those participating in the tourney as well as those watching.  And can we say theme music?!?!  A huge thank you to Sir Timothy and his crew for coordinating this with every single entrant in the tournament.  The music was an awesome, anachronistic addition to the most fun tourney witnessed in quite some time.  Thank you to all the participants for embracing it and making it so entertaining for those of us watching.  It was also  great way to get the populace involved in sharing in the revelry and heightening everyone’s enjoyment.  We dare say that fun was had by ALL.  We certainly enjoyed being a part of it.  Foolish perhaps, a lot of fun, most definitely.


Saturday was full to overflowing with all manner of martial pursuits, from chivalric and rapier combat, archery and live weapons and equestrian competitions, there was something for everyone, whether you were a participant or a spectator.   And that is saying a great deal, as there were in excess of 700 folks in attendance.  It is truly an accomplishment to make sure that many people are indulging in such ae  variety of pursuits and never was there not something to do or see.


Thank you again Tir Briste, and indeed all the folks that assisted in so many ways to make sure that everyone at Fool’s War was made to feel so very welcome.  Our every need was attended to from the moment We arrived, and there are so many to whom We owe thanks.  From the smiling faces that greeted Us when we trolled in, to the lovely luncheon provided for Us on the field Saturday and the lovely basket of goodies that We were gifted with by Our hosts.  Thank you seems so very inadequate to express Our appreciation.


Part of the martial activities were the tournaments to choose both His Majesty’s King’s Lancer, and Her Majesty’s Queen’s Yeoman.  We would thank all who participated in both these tournies.  We are honoured and humbled that so many participated so honourably and valiantly.  Truly, no matter who proved victorious, We would have indeed been honoured to include any of the participants in Our Court.  Congratulations to Lady Azarari for her victory in the Crusader Challenge to determine the Kings Lancer, and to Thorleifer Jageirsson for his victory in the Queen’s Yeoman shoot.  They are both wonderful additions to Our Royal Court.


We would also like to welcome again those many newcomers who were in attendance at either their first event or first Royal Court.  We are overjoyed to see so many new, smiling faces and to join the members of the populace of Meridies in welcoming you to Our wonderful world.  We trust that everyone was kind, gracious and giving in their welcome to you all.  We trust that you all had a wonderful time and we all look forward to continuing to make you welcome as you explore the Society.   Please do not hesitate to call upon us all to assist you in any way we can.  We were all new once, and fortunate enough to have people explain things, answer questions and assist us in so very many ways.  This is our chance to pay it forward.


We would also like to express Our gratitude to those who worked so hard with both the Newcomers Pavilion and the Newcomers Camp.  Thank you for giving of your time, talent and energies in this most worthy of endeavors.  We have both heard and seen many comments acknowledging how invaluable this all was to countless people.  These folks are the future of our Kingdom and Society, and it behooves us, each and every one, to do all that we may to make sure that they are welcome.


This information is for those who missed the announcement in court or His Majesty’s post about how We intend to set up court as regards seating.  Please be aware that there will be chairs to either side of the front of Our courts facing in toward the isle.  These seats are reserved for Our oracles; those individuals who are either sight, hearing or mobility challenged.  This will allow them the comfort of closer seating that they may more fully participate in Courts.  We appreciate all our subjects and wish to do all We may to assure that attending Court is as painless as possible.


Mention was also made in Court of Our desire to receive recommendations from the populace as regards the good works of Our people.  Their is a form online to make it easier for everyone wishing to take part in the recommendation process.  We would ask, however, that if it is your wish to make a recommendation, you do so as well in advance as is possible.  As Crown We are blessed to be able to acknowledge the good works of Our subjects, and to provide lovely scrolls to commemorate the occasion.  These scrolls are individually done for each and every recipient.  In order to do this, it is necessary to allow those individuals who give so freely of their talent sufficient time to execute these amazing pieces of art.  We would ask that you please allow the ‘process’ about a month.  This gives the Crown time to consider all the recommendations We receive and to forward a list of the scrolls We desire to Our scribes, who then have adequate time to produce the lovely scrolls We are honoured to present in Court.  And when you can, please include a bit of information about the persona of the person you are recommending, as Our wonderful scribes prefer, when possible, to further customize scrolls to each individual.  We/they don’t require a full persona story, just a bit of information, if you have it, as to what culture, time period a person most identifies with would be very helpful.  And the space for letting Us know what events you anticipate a person will attend are most helpful as well.


Thank you everyone who contibuted to the success of Fool’s War, from the event stewards, to the members of the hosting group and all those who gave a bit of their time and energy to assist where they could, whether that was assisting with marshalling, heralding, cooking, serving, helping with tent set up – you name it.  When everyone is willing to give a bit of their time and energy toward the running of an event, it lightens the load for everyone else.  And it is a great way to meet new people.


We look forward to seeing you all in Our travels.


TRM Bryce & Rhiannon

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