Coronation – Thank you from Their Majesties

Unto the good people of Meridies are sent greetings this 5th day of April from Their Royal Majesties Bryce and Rhiannon and the hope that this finds you and yours well and prosperous.

What an amazing weekend!! Words are so very inadequate to express to you, each and every one, how completely magical this past weekend was. Nor are We quite sure where to begin when it comes to expressing Our gratitude to so very many people. Pray bear with Us as we attempt to do just that.

First and foremost We would thank Their Excellencies, Count Barthelemy and Countess Oda, but it is hard to know where to begin. Perhaps then, from the beginning. Thank you for allowing Us to participate in the tournament to determine Your Heirs, and for so graciously making Us welcome when fortune smiled upon Us and We found Ourselves your Heirs. We have been so fortunate to have your strong example of what loving, passionate, dedicated service to Meridies looks like. Thank you, sincerely, for all that you have given to Meridies and shared with Us.

To all those who attended Coronation this past weekend, or reached out to Us prior to the event to show Us your support, We are grateful indeed. Whether that was in the form of a note via e-mail, social media or taking the time to speak with Us at the event, you have no idea just how wonderful it is to know We have the support of so many.

We would also thank all those fighters who honoured Us by participating in Our Champions Tournament. The fighting was fierce, but in true Meridian fashion, chivalrous and honorable. Truly, you are all winners in that you uphold only the highest standards on the field of chivalric combat. Alas, We could only choose one each. Thank you to His Grace Duke Boru, who will serve as His Majesty’s Champion, and to Sir Alexander Brighthelmston, who will serve as Her Majesty’s champion. We know that We are well protected.

To all who entered the Scribal and Regalia Challenge, thank you so very much. We were overwhelmed and awed by not only the quality of your work, but also staggered by the sheer numbers of it! Meridies, in this area, as in so very many, is graced beyond measure by talented, giving artisans.

To those who worked tirelessly to see that all the Courts were covered, thank you. Coronations are always hectic given the number of courts that have to happen, announcements that need to be made, and possible last minute schedule changes, not to mention the addition of the White Rose Ball. Things were as seamless as possible – and this is due to your expertise and willing service. Special thanks also to Finnvarr for all the research (to be shared with everyone later) that went into giving Us the correct Norse Coronation ceremony that We wanted, for serving as the Lawspeaker (and chief cat-herder) and for the many members of Our entourage who took active roles in the ceremony. It was truly exactly what We wanted!

And how could We possibly have a wonderful representation of a correct Norse Coronation without perfect clothes? Well, obviously, We couldn’t. There are no words to adequately express Our appreciation to the mastermind behind all that beautiful garb: Mistress Wuennomen. She, with the able assistance of an awesome staff, did everything possible to make sure that We were outfitted as befits Norse royalty. While Mistress Wuennomen orchestrated it all, she couldn’t have done it alone (as she was quick to tell us!), so Our appreciation also extends to Greifynja Aelfgifu, The Hon. Lady Cecily, Lady Kristina, Baroness Ianka, Lady Anyelia, Domina Gwenwhyvar, Mistress Una and Lady Anya Al-Kahina for giving so freely of their talent and time. Additionally, Her Majesty would like to thank Her dear friends Duchess Ebegardis, Mistress Crystyana and The Hon. Lady Sarra.

To Baroness Genevieve and her wonderful household, who coordinated such a lovely White Rose Ball, We are overwhelmed! And for the musicians that graciously gave of their time, and indulged Her Majesty’s request to deviate a bit from the “standard” presentation of music for Hole in the Wall, thank you! And to Mistress Seraphina, who orchestrated that little “surprise,” thank you for keeping My “secret”…it wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun had “word gotten out.” And special thanks to the Order of the Rose for being such good sports. 🙂

Thank you to Dugal and the members of the Shire of An Dun Theine who sponsored the fundraiser luncheon. All We heard about it was high praise indeed. And not only was it a fantastic success with the populace who partook, but an overwhelming financial success also. Thanks for those who made it happen and those members of the populace who supported it.

We would also like to thank Sir Geoffrey and House Excelsior for hosting the Cock and Feather Tavern throughout the course of the weekend. Much fun was had by all, both those participating and those of us watching. Your efforts added greatly to the enjoyment of the weekend for many in attendance. Thank you all.

And how could We possibly fail to mention the Byrdraka and her able bodied crew – of sailors, wenches and spirits! No viking worth their axe is gonna be without a stout vessel and crew – for the raiding you know! And the after raiding revelry!

To the Shire of Glynn Rhe, there just are not enough ways to say thank you, each and every one of you! You responded with enthusiasm back in November when We asked if you would consider hosting this event. At that time none of us knew that the site we all anticipated using would not be available and it would take herculean efforts on the part of the autocratting staff to locate and secure a new site. And Camp Liberty was all you told Us it would be and more. All the comments We heard from the members of the populace in attendance that We spoke to had nothing but praise for the site and the site owner and staff. Thank you Glynn Rhe, for finding this site, working so hard to secure it and putting on an event that will always be a cherished memory to Us. You couldn’t have arranged for better weather, and everything was handled as We knew it would be, flawlessly. And not only were all the activities handled exceptionally well, but then there was the food! Mistress Wuennomen, Her Ladyship Cecily, and their staff provided everyone with meals to tantalize and delight. Awesome Glynn Rhe food – check! Coronations are a huge undertaking, and Glynn Rhe managed this one beautifully. Again, thank you seems so totally inadequate to express Our gratitude. A special thanks to Grefinya Aelfgifu, who served so well as Our Royalty Liaison, thank you for making sure that We were kept informed at all times as to where things stood. It is always wonderful when there is one less thing to worry about.

And last, but certainly not least We would thank Our entourage. Without you We would have not made it to this point, and We have every confidence that knowing you are there, We will be able to continue. For everything that you do, individually and collectively, you have Our sincere thanks.

In Service,

Bryce and Rhiannon

King and Queen

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