Gulf Wars

Greetings are sent unto the good people of the Mighty Kingdom of Meridies from TRHs Bryce and Rhiannon,

And the hope that this finds those of you who answered the call of Our beloved Crown, TRMs Barthelemy and Oda, to Crusade for Joy this week most recently past at Gulf War XXVI safe returned to your homes and hearths.

We reflect on this years Gulf War with Our hearts, (and quite often HerRHs eyes) full to overflowing, and bursting with pride in the wonderful people of Faire Meridies. Words seem so very, very inadequate to express to you, each and every one, Our pride in you, and how very humbled We are for the outpouring of support that was so very evident as the Mighty Meridian Army marched to war. Our memories of war are many, and mostly very, very wonderful, but foremost is, and forever will be, how very blessed We are to follow TRMs Barthelemy and Oda, as They graciously nurture Us in what it is like to be the most fortunate of Heirs, not only to a great Crown, but to be able to serve the finest subjects in the Known World.

This Gulf War was magic. And it took the efforts of all those Meridians in attendance, as well as the behind the scenes efforts of many of Our subjects unable to make the journey, but who supported the war effort in so very many ways. We know that there are many who stepped up when the call to crusade was spread to the Realm. Numerous members of the populace stepped forward to offer their services in outfitting those wishing to take upon themselves the accoutrement of one of the many Crusading Orders. This service, done willingly, behind the scenes, with no expectation of recognition and only driven by the willingness to contribute as they could is only one of many ways in which Our people pulled together in the herculean effort of making our enemies tremble, and our allies proud to stand beside us. Not only was the Meridian Army a mighty force, which struck fear into the hearts of our enemies, and more often than not were instrumental in turning the tide of battle, the efforts of so many in outfitting themselves as befits warriors of the various crusading orders, showed a cohesion and dedication that though to some was not so very evident, to others only affirmed our commitment to indeed be THE force to be reckoned with upon the field.

There are so very many things that were very special to Us about Gulf War. It is difficult, almost impossible to single out only a few to talk about. One such is the procession of the Meridian Army to the Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday. Opening ceremonies is always an opportunity for the various kingdoms in attendance to step forward and shine, as they don warlike harness, unfurl their banners, and do all that they may to show those members of the populace in attendance that which is representative of the might of their respective kingdoms. We were greatly impressed by what We personally witnessed as the Royalty of those Realms attending assembled to mount our steeds in preparation for exiting the start of the procession and having our various troops and support personnel join Our ranks. As Meridies is the second kingdom to process in, We did not have the chance to see much of what followed, until such time as We began to see images, both still and moving, as they were posted to social media. We did, however, see as We rode forward the HUGE number of Meridians waiting to join Us and We happily followed TRMs Barthelemy and Oda to the entrance of the fortress to hear the declaration of war and stating of alliances.

We would, at this time offer our sincere thanks to all those who have shared images. Had you not, We would not be as well aware of how absolutely formidable the Meridian contingent looked. As stated, We saw you all assembled as We rode forth, however, it is quite different to be able to see that which followed both TRMs and Ourselves as the procession wended it’s way to the fortress. The various crusading orders, outfitted as befits their rank, station and affiliation, with standards flying and banners wafting in the breeze are a site to stir even the most peace-loving of folk to heed TRMS call to Crusade. Not only were our warriors outfitted, but many members of the populace, who chose to show their support were likewise garbed and marching. It shall be a sight We see over and over as We close Our eyes and reflect upon the pride We feel in Our kingdom and it’s incredible people. It is impossible to know how many times We were told by many, mostly from out of kingdom, how very impressed they were with the sight that was Meridies marching to war. You, good people, are an inspiration, not only to others of Our populace, but to many from realms far-flung, as to what it is to be joined together in a cause greater than ones self.

Another very memorable event was the Meridian Muster prior to the Ravine Battle. Once again, the forces of mighty Meridies gathered to process as a unit and take the fight to the enemies of our allies. And again, the people stood in awe at this fearsome visage. We were prepared for both the heavy and rapier ravine battles, and well did the enemy know it. We marched forth to the bottom of the ravine and stood our ground as Their Royal Majesties addressed the army, giving them heart for the coming fray. HerRHs view from the top of the ravine was amazing, as she could view the wheeling of the troops, the clashing of the line, and always, always in the heart of the fray, the surcoats, tabards, badges and tokens of the various crusading orders that formed the Meridian Army. The clash was constant, with movement to and fro, and almost, at times it appeared that we might give way. But that was not to be. The might and heart of Meridies, fighting as one, in both ravine battles, wore down our enemies. Lost are the number of times many of our heros returned to resurrect to enter once more into the heat of battle. When one fell in our lines, another stepped up, that no one needs must fight alone, a brother and/or sister to either side, oftimes ranks deep. Meridies would not be denied, and often our valiant warriors drank deep the blood of our enemies, to rise up refreshed and ready to return. Our hearts swell with pride when We recall the epic deeds done that day, for there were many. And from those clashes of titans many stories will be shared around the fire, libation in hand, as we toast our allies, our heros and our Kingdom. There is no doubt that our beloved Crown’s call to Their people to Crusade for Joy was taken up with all the passion we all possess. We have been blessed to be a part of this great realm for many years, and in that time We have witnessed great feats of bravery, but We are both overwhelmed by the way in which the people of Meridies have come together, and come forward as one mind, one heart, and one indomitable will to honour those who inspire us all.

We could go on forever, but alas, as usual, We doubtless tax your patience and are grateful for your kind indulgence. There may be more to follow in the coming days.

We would not close this missive without taking the time to thank Our beloved Crown, Barthelemy and Oda for allowing Us to be so much a part of everything. You stand as a shining example of what is best and brightest about the Society, and represent Your kingdom and Your people in a way that is the envy of other realms. Your love for Meridies and her people is so very evident in all that You both do, in the effort You put forth to make sure that the efforts of Your subjects are rewarded, that Our kingdom is so well represented and in the very obvious joy You both take in doing so. We feel We are the most fortunate of Heirs, as We have been renewed and revitalized in all those things that We both most love about the Society, and especially the kingdom We are both so fortunate to call home. We look forward to continuing under Your tutelage, as Your reign continues and Your renown grows.

In service to Crown & Kingdom,

Bryce & Rhiannon
Prince & Princess

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