Sable Raven – Thank you from HRH Rhiannon

What a wonderful day at Sable Raven, hosted by the Shire of Glynn Rhe!  So much to do and not enough time, at least for me, to do it!  There were so many awesome classes offered and they all seemed very well attended and received.  Thank you to all the amazing teachers who gave so freely of their time and knowledge to provide such a wonderful offering of classes on a wide variety of subjects.  I heard nothing but glowing reports from many of your students and so many folks went home with the fruits of their labors.
Fighting, fighting, fighting!  And games, for children of all ages.  Fun was had by all, and if anyone didn’t have fun, they apparently weren’t trying very hard.  Thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly manning the various games as well as the fighting.  It was a great team effort on the part of a bunch of folks to ensure that everyone had plenty to do.  The event steward, Mistress Wuennomen, and the good folk of Glynn Rhe have once again outdone themselves.
It was wonderful to see so very many new people in attendance at the event, both young and old.  Everyone I had the chance to talk to seemed very pleased and excited about what they’d witnessed and been part of, and they were especially fulsome in their praise for the warm reception they had from all the good gentles of the populace in attendance.  It is so gratifying to see our people reaching out to and embracing those new to our Society so warmly.  I was assured time and again that though this might be their first visit, they certainly didn’t plan for it to be their last.
Thank you to Greifynja AElfgifu and her talented kitchen staff for providing those of us fortunate enough to be in attendance with a hearty repast, sure to satisfy even the hungriest Viking raider.  There was a wide variety of tempting/tasty dishes and the efforts of Her Excellency and her staff were not lost on those in attendance, as the applause rang through the halls of the site.
Her Royal Majesty Oda, on behalf of Herself and our beloved King Barthelemy, recognized the efforts and contributions of a good number of the members of our populace at Court.  Doubtless the names and awards granted these most worthy gentles will be reported very soon.  There were many first-time guests who were called forward during court and gifted with lovely goblets by Her Royal Majesty as a token of their attendance at their first Royal court or event.   As always, it is wonderful to greet and make welcome visitors – as they, much like the children of our Kingdom, are indeed the future of Meridies.
Following a full day of activities at the event, many of us were hosted very graciously by Sir Aubec and his lovely wife Lady Kristina in their beautiful home.  And all were hosted royally indeed, as we were treated to a variety of tempting food and an abundance of tasty libations.  The erstwhile crew of the Byrdraka was ever ready to re-charge our goblets and tankards!  It was our great good fortune to have a preview, if you will, of the tasty and potent stores which makes the Byrdraka beloved of revelers in Our Realm.  True to their promise, the Known World will be treated to only the very best libations at the Meridian Party at Gulf War.  I raise my goblet to the finest floating pub there is!  The Byrdraka will be just one of the many pubs providing merrymakers with the means with which to quench their thirst and toast friends, both new and as yet unmet at Gulf War.  Doubtless the hospitality of Meridies and her people will be unmatched.
Thank you to all who had a part in making Sable Raven a wonderful event.  I’m sure I have failed to mention everyone, but please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of your guests.  We all look forward to our next visit to Glynn Rhe.
HRH Rhiannon

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