Knight’s Gambit – Thank you from HRH Rhiannon

I had the pleasure this weekend past of attending Knight’s Gambit, hosted by the Shire of Thorngill.  It was a lovely day of fighting, food, fun, more fighting and more fun.   The weather was pleasant and the company even better.  The morning was the setting for a lovely tournament in which many fighters had the opportunity to test their skills against some excellent competition.   Many thanks to all the fighters who participated, and all the folks that made the tournament happen, from the lovely ladies at the list table, to the many marshals working the tournament and the folks assisting the heralds, a good time was had by all.  And congratulations to The Hon. Lord Erik Martell, whose skill proved more than a match for some excellent competition and who won the day in a hard fought final round.
Following the tournament those in attendance were treated to a lovely luncheon taco bar repast.  Much food was had by all, and the knights in attendance at the event fielded questions from the populace.  Information was shared, as were some stories and a pleasant time was whiled away.  Thanks to the feastcrats and their able staff for a lovely repast.
Following lunch there was yet more fighting – inside in the afternoon due to the threat of liquid sunshine, which there had been a bit of as the morning tournament concluded.  The knights in attendance had full dance cards as the other fighters in attendance took advantage of the opportunity for one on one sparring/instruction.  Everyone fought ’til the point of dropping, but there were lots of smiles all around.
The afternoon concluded with Court held by our beloved Crown, TRMs Barthelemy and Oda, where They were able to recognize the accomplishments of several members of the populace – and following Court, everyone happily left the site with memories of yet another wonderful Knight’s Gambit.
Thank you again to all that made the event possible – the hosting group and those individuals in attendance who pitched in to assist when and where they could.  I look forward to returning next year, as this is generally an event I include on my schedule when at all possible.
HRH Rhiannon

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