War College – Thank you from TRH

Photo of Mistress Magdelena belting an apprentice as HRM Barthelemy and TRH Bryce and Rhiannon look on

Field Court at Meridian War College. Photo by Dame Katherine Radford.

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that made Meridian War College such a wonderful success.  There are many to thank, and We will doubtless fail to mention someone/thing in particular.  Pray forgive Us.
Thank you to the Barony of Iron Mountain for stepping up and hosting this inaugural event.  It was very well attended indeed, and hopefully the first of many more to come.  It appeared that everyone had as wonderful a time as We did.  Plenty of opportunities for fighting, lots and lots of wonderful hands-on classes, and more and more fighting!  The weather was pleasantly sunny, if a bit brisk.  It certainly didn’t seem to bother those in armor.
We were honored to have TRMs Caillin and Danielle of Gleann Abhann join us for the weekend.  His Majesty assisted with the fighting and classes, and as always, Her Majesty was the picture of beauty and grace.  While we all certainly missed Her Royal Majesty Oda, She was attending to business in another part of the Realm, and has shared with us all what a pleasant weekend She had as well.
Special thanks go out to Sir Timothy, our General, and his household for providing a lovely luncheon repast for everyone in attendance.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity are an outstanding example and We applaud your efforts and thank you, as doubtless others have.
We would also offer sincere congratulations to both Conrad vom Schwarzwald and Seumus last of Gyver for the announcement that soon the Order of the Chivalry will be richer by their presence.  We look forward to their vigils at Gulf Wars.
To Her Excellency Iron Mountain, Genevieve and her wonderful staff in the kitchen, We add Our thanks to the roar in the hall following the feast from the populace assembled.  The feast was, as it should be at a fighting event, hearty and delicious.  We would also thank those good gentles who added to the pleasure of the populace assembled at feast by entertaining us all.  It was a pleasure indeed.  And of course to all the other members of the Barony of Iron Mountain who contributed to the success of the event – Our thanks.
Perhaps We all owe the largest debt of gratitude to the many people who have spent so much time and energy in assisting Sir Alexander and his crew in preparing Dalwhinnie Fields to provide such a wonderful  venue for the groups of this kingdom to utilize to host events.  This is the first, doubtless, of many events that will be hosted.  We applaud the efforts and vision of those for whom the opening of this site is a dream realized.  We know that this is the culmination of the efforts of a veritable legion of people, and sadly, we do not know all their names.  But please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.
In Service to Crown & Kingdom,
Bryce & Rhiannon
Prince & Princess

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