Menhir 2017 – Thank you from TRH

We would join Their Royal Majesties Barthelemy and Oda by adding Our thanks to the good people of the Shire of Rising Stone for a wonderful day this weekend past at Menhir. As They have said, there were many activities provided by our excellent hosts, fighting, both rattan and rapier, Arts and Sciences displays to dazzle and a lovely setting in which to enjoy it all. They even arranged for unseasonably pleasant weather!

Those attending were fortunate enough to be tempted with a lovely, delicious luncheon feast. Two worthy candidates were placed on vigil for elevation later in the day at Court and Our kingdom is now richer by both a Laurel and a Pelican. The heralds have faithfully reported those elevations and other worthy recognition bestowed by TRMs Barthelemy and Oda in Court.

Photo of Court at Menhir 2017

Photo by Lady Ellen de Lacey


It was wonderful for Us to have the chance to see so many members of the populace enjoying the delights offered and to meet with friends, both new and old.

Thank you again to the good folk of Rising Stone for such a wonderful event.

Pray know We remain,
In Service to Crown & Kingdom,

Bryce & Rhiannon
Prince & Princess

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