Thank you – Castle Wars

Unto all to whom this missive come are sent greetings from TRH Bryce and Rhiannon and the hope that all are looking forward to a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food, fun and good cheer as the annual Thanksgiving holiday is upon us.
It was Our great pleasure to see a great many of the wonderful people of Meridies, as well as many guests from out of Kingdom this weekend past at Castle War, so wonderfully hosted by the Barony of the South Downs.  It was evident from all the smiling faces that this wonderful event was enjoyed by all those fortunate enough to be in attendance.  The weather was beautiful, if a bit brisk, and was a wonderful way to usher in this cooling season in faire Meridies, surrounded by so many friends/family.
We would convey unto Their Excellencies South Downs, Lorenzo and Adela, and all the good people of the barony, Our thanks for a great event, not only for Ourselves, but for all those in attendance.  There was certainly something for everyone, and no effort was spared to assure that all attending had ample opportunity to engage in a wide variety of pursuits.  There was SO much to do, see, and be a part of.  In addition to the many activities available, We were also extremely moved and touched as the Cavalry returned from skirmish with the dire news of the fall of Earl Richard.  But We were all heartened by Their Royal Majesties call to Crusade and the reception it received from the good people of Our faire Kingdom.  How could We not all willingly take up such a noble cause?  While it is certainly an individual decision as to how each of us shall respond to this call, it is evident that Our beloved Crown has the unwaivering support of the people of Meridies.  With such an army behind Them, failure is impossible!  Our beloved Crown has Our complete support in this most worthy endeavor, and We shall strive to do all within Our power to assist Them as They lead forth our considerable Meridian forces in this noble pursuit.  We anticipate that the response, as the news spreads throughout the Realm, will be staggering.  May the foe quake in fear as their demise is inevitable!  Corona Vult!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals that took the time to speak with Us this weekend and offer their support and congratulations on Our new station.  We appreciate,  more than you can know, your kind words.  With your support and assistance We will strive, as best We may, to serve Our Crown,  the fair Kingdom of Meridies and her wonderful people in the coming months.  We are blessed, in that Ours is a kingdom and people rich in tradition.   It is Our desire to uphold these traditions that are so very much the hallmark of all that is Meridian.  We ask that all join Us as We endeavor to heed the sage advice of Our beloved Crown and have fun.  Truly, it is wise counsel indeed.
Additionally, We urge the populace to embrace TRMs call to do all that can be done to aid those who are new to the Society, as well as the youth, as they are indeed the future of the Society and Kingdom.  We were all ‘new’ at one time, and it is easy to forget that there is so very much to learn going forward.  Try to recall that which you found most challenging as you embarked upon your journey into the Society, and do what you may, as your time and energy allow, to ease that transition for them.  A word of encouragement, a helping hand where you can.  These small gestures can make all the difference as one navigates unfamiliar waters.  We thank you all in advance for your efforts.
Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement as We strive to serve Meridies.
Pray know we remain,
Ever in Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Bryce and Rhiannon
Prince and Princess

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