The Crown carries every authority and prerogative as is granted to it under Corpora and Kingdom law. Many, but apparently not enough, people understand that power makes a wide and unforgiving path. Her Majesty and I feel very strongly that it is an absolutely 10379422_10152715364021501_268517933_nprivilege to serve as Sovereign and Consort of the finest Kingdom in the Knowne World. In that vein , Her Majesty and I took the prerogative invested in our station and did what we felt was just in serving feast to our fine populace Saturday evening at this past weekends Kingdom A&S and Crown list event. We are humbled to the core at our reception these past 8′ish months. We are not the usual, we are not the norm, we have never intended to be nor shall we ever.

This weekend was filled with an unbelievable amount of magic and grace. Three shining stars of Meridies were elevated to stations deserving of their talents. All three are examples of what Peers are to Her Majesty and I. As is known, Peers are not made, they are recognized. It was with great honor and privilege to elevate this fine trio to their new stations.

Sunday we announced yet again two prime examples of Chivalry in Hrothgar of Mercia and Thomas Alfred. Each are their own man and have acted as knights for years as the populace knows. The earth and hall shook with the thunderous applause for these two gentle men ever validating our decision to elevate these two men to the oldest peerage of the society.

The weekend for us was a blur and a lot of work, and work we do proudly for our populace, friends, and family. We both thank you all so much.





Website: THL Myrgjol Gunnvaldsdottir

Photos: THL Gwydion ap Lewellyn, Mistress Jocosa d’Auxerre