For those of you who are getting to know us the first time, here is a little background on us.
Our journey began 26 years ago when Wulfstan’s squire brother, now Sir Mitchell MacBain, introduced his baby squire brother to a lovely lady from Bergental so he could fight in Crown. That Crown Tournament began a romance of the field that blossomed into a lifelong love. During our time together in the East we each received the high order of merit for the arts. Wulfstan received the accolade of Knighthood. Thorkatla then also received the high order of merit for service, as well as the accolades of both the Pelican and the Laurel. More importantly, we saw the birth and growth of our children.

Ten years ago, our journey led us here to Meridies. For our first four years here we focused on raising our children. Then, 6 years ago, at the urging of our children, we became active again and discovered the beauty and majesty of Meridies and her populace. In this second life, we have made many dear friends and we have each seen an associate of ours elevated to a peerage. Furthermore, we have developed a deep and abiding love for Meridies.

We cannot express enough how humbled and awestruck we are at becoming the heirs to our beloved kingdom of Meridies. With true joy in our hearts, we look forward to the next year of our journey serving Meridies and her populace.


Mistress Flannait h’Eighnigh
Tani Mough
736 Lincoln Dr
Winder, GA 30680


THL Katerina Filia Jehan
608 Sleeping Meadow Lane
Bethlehem, Ga 30620

Both can be reached by email at

Travel Coordinator
Mistress Celestine de Chatham