Words don’t even begin to describe. So much hard work and effort on our behalf at coronation made for the event we dreamed of, plus some! It’s all still a blur and I regret that there are not more hours in the day. Court was a little later than expected and we promise not to make a habit of it! So much to cram into one day!

Not even 5 days from now we head South to support the Meridian forces at this coming Fool’s War. I expect much prowess, revelry, and shenanigans! (Come on, an event called Fool’s War. In April….)

Fools-War_smI’d like to thank my wonderful friends Leslie Ammons Hodgin and Heather A. D. Mbaye for our breathtaking coronation garb. TWENTY FEET OF HEM on Her Majesty’s dress. All of the applique, couching, embroidery. So much talent, such wow. Horses thanks to Ingolf, and Wulfric. A day we shall never forget. Becoming the Sovereign and Servants of the Laurel Kingdom of Meridies. The Shire of Depedale for running a FANTASTIC event at a purposely primitive event that let us all step back in time for a few days. The ambiance was wonderful and made for a memorable adventure into living history. Myf Roberts for the epic feast cooked with limited amenities and for everyone who brought tables, braziers, wood, and all of the other facilities we needed to produce of our own to make a successful event! Bloody Ridge for the great camp, Excelsior for the bar and continued great camp setting. Brian Cooper for protecting the Crown.John Vots for risking your fingers for a revolutionary coronation ceremony! Forth Castle for providing us with Feast gear, snuggles with Roy Dewey and bottles of deliciousness. Iron Mountain for the epic bling, the Herbal guild for our seasonings and bath scrubby stuffs! So many more people to thank, so much to do and so little time!

As always, we aim to please.




Roi and  Reine of Meridies


Website: THL Myrgjol Gunnvaldsdottir

Photos: THL Gwydion ap Lewellyn, Mistress Jocosa d’Auxerre